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 Pearl Hotel Bali Activities

Pearl Hotel Bali offers : Spa-Yoga-Fortune Teller-Surf-Shopping-

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Our skilled therapists are ready to enhance your experience, and you can pre-book your session for maximum relaxation

Feng Shui Retreat Pearl Bali

Spiritual retreat for single

Pearl hotel Bali hosts your Bali retreat for single  & will provide the assistance that you need to organise it.

Healing day with cleansing ceremony, reiki, yoga, fengshui, breath-work and enjoy your taste buds with our mediterranean flavours in our restaurant.

Located 5 mn from the beach your client will enjoy to relax after the class.

Yoga Pose

Yoga with Ibu Desa

Pearl boutique hotel, provides private yoga class in the meditation room.

Our yoga teacher  Dessa, practises since 10 years and shares her passion of teaching Ashtanga Yoga which is the traditional yoga but the most of the time Vinyasa Flow Yoga which are all the movement flowing together with the breath.

Women in Sarong


We are working with locals drivers and Bali guide, book a tour with us and get the experience to discover the real Bal

Fortune teller at Bali Hotel Pearl

Fortune Teller with Lily

Bali is also a place for local healer & fortune teller.

We have great local reader, come and experience it at Bali Hotel Pearl

Lily is naturally gifted to guide you in your journey.

Going To Surf


Pearl boutique hotel is located, 5 min walking distance from Legian beach who offers one of the best surf school of Bali.

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