Bali full moon


April's full Moon rises on the night of Tuesday, April 7. Traditionally called the Pink Moon, this full Moon will also be a spectacular supermoon!

Since old time Balinese are looking the sky to connect & search for answers & protection from their gods.

The Balinese calendar, or the Saka calendar, follows the lunar cycle, with 29-30 days per month. Each month begins with the day after a new moon, then with 15 days to the full moon, then 15 days to another new moon.

The moon is very important for them. They celebrate each month, full moon (Purnama) who means Pearfect & dark moon(Kajeng Kliwon).

Puranama : They believed that when the moon is brightest, Chandra the moon god gives his blessings through lunar light, god also honours his people by bringing prosperity to the land.

Kajeng Kliwon (Kajeng Keliwon) is a reoccurring auspicious day for cleansing the mind and the direct environment of the house compound of negativity. At this day the Balinese Hindus meditate and pray to Siwa for support and protection with special offerings.

There is many other rituals and Balinese ceremonies that occur within the lunar cycle, stay connected with Bali hotel pearl

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